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Wong uses Adobe Illustrator to design the socks. When Medium Rare started making socks, Wong was doing freelance designing in an agency wholesale nike socks manufacturers. Now she works at Awegallery (next to Awesome Canteen) in Taman Paramount while running Medium Rare with her husband. Kweok is still a full-time graphic designer.

When Wong started approaching manufacturers to produce the socks, it was difficult because there had to be a minimum order. The couple had budget constraints so they couldn't order a huge volume.

Eventually, they went with a local socks manufacturer that makes a minimum of 1,200 pairs of socks per design. For Good Pair's first collection, wholesale nike socks suppliers there were three designs and each comes in 3 colours.

"What makes us special is the fact that we have a wider heel. We also have seamless toes so that you will feel comfortable wearing them. Other socks then to use cotton and nylon mix but we use spandex and cotton mix because it is more breathable. Spandex is usually used for sports socks because it is more durable nike socks wholesale suppliers. Another thing about spandex is that it won't shrink so much in the dryer," said Wong.

For Wong, she believes that graphics and function have to sync together in order to have the perfect pair. Medium Rare also worked with fashion designers to come up with socks.

One of the fashion designers they worked with is Joe Chia. For Good Pair's second collection, they collaborated with fashion designer Motoguo, known for his quirky and eccentric style which Wong likes.

Launched in 2015, the collection is called Frolicking in the Crease.

"The collection is actually about being emotionally disabled. Everyone has their own version of emotional crisis, like an inner side and outer side. There is a positive and negative wholesale nike socks distributors. That was the inspiration for the collection. The other part of the collection is about being OCD where everything has to be in line, be proper and in a grid system," described Wong.

For Medium Rare, they believe that designing socks is also a platform to work with different people. Be it fashion designer, interior designer or even contractor, they are ready to collaborate with anyone who is willing.

Wong doesn't believe that limited edition or special edition items should be priced more than a normal collection so that is why the pricing for the Motoguo collection is the same as their first collection nike socks wholesalers. "I want to make comfortable, beautifully-designed socks affordable for everyone," she said.