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A rebel band of young conservative staffers roamed the corridors of NSW Parliament on Thursday wearing mismatched socks of every shade from royal blue to canary yellow, wholesale nike socks manufacturers teal to Bougainvillea pink.

This was no absent-mindedness wholesale nike socks suppliers. Nor was it the sprezzatura​ of the well-dressed.
The gear, laid out in preparation for Thursday's same-sex marriage protest.

Rather, the subtle display was designed to show solidarity with federal MPs such as Wyatt Roy, who has indicated a willingness to cross the floor of parliament and vote for same-sex marriage.

Beneath RM Williams boots and pant cuffs, these sock symbols gleamed. Tying a shoelace became a political gesture. Not since the Victorian era had the baring of ankles proved so scandalous nike socks wholesale suppliers.

The man behind the 20-pair protest contacted Fairfax Media to discuss why he and his fellow young Liberals and Nationals had decided to act at such a politically-charged time wholesale nike socks distributors. The staffer soon asked not to be named, then that none of his quotes appear.

No one else would speak. There were political careers to be considered. Wyatt Roy, an elected representative, was in a wholly different position.

But all the while the socks were there, glinting along Macquarie Street and through the iron fence of Parliament House. The hashtag #votewithyourfeet​ had a kind of life on social media.

Here was proof that insubordination did not require marches in the streets or megaphones or banners or chants. Political dissent could be low-key, polite, nike socks wholesalers harmless to the point where it might be confused with idiosyncrasy.

No one had to even know you were protesting.